Tastemaker Guide: Bruce Silverglade of Gleason's Gym

Text by Bruce Silverglade Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Gleason's Gym

Known as the most famous boxing gym in the world, Gleason’s Gym has clocked training time for nearly every hall of fame-level boxer of the past half-century, from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson. While today it remains a serious competitive boxers, New Yorkers of all experience levels and ambitions are welcome to membership. The walls feel as much like a boxing history museum as the entire gym feels like a film set —but better than anything, it’s all real and just part of the everyday for its dedicated and diverse boxing community. Read on for gym owner Bruce Silverglade's neighborhood picks.

Interview with Bruce Silverglade

Owner of Gleason's Gym

BkT: One word to describe your neighborhood?

BS: Idyllic.

BkT: What’s your ideal weekend morning spent around the neighborhood?

BS: My ideal weekend morning is opening Gleason's Gym at 5:00 AM, doing my daily workout for 90 minutes and then taking a long slow walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park. On the way back to the office I will stop at Almondine Bakery and get a delicious almond croissant and tea.

BkT: Favorite place to catch up with an old friend?

BS: Cecconi's

BkT: Favorite date spot?

BS: My wife and I date one another around the world but here we go to the River Cafe.

BkT: Best breakfast spot?

BS: Lassen & Hennings

BkT: Best place for people watching?

BS: On a bench in Brooklyn Bridge Park

BkT: Where you treat yourself?

BS: A massage at Flora Nails & Spa

BkT: A must-try in the neighborhood?

BS: Chocolate from Jacques Torres

BkT: The neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without _____?

BS: Gleason's Gym.