It’s this image that has frequented various project mood boards, including that of the Brooklyn Tower kitchens I recently designed.

Christine Gachot

Matte black kitchens are the latest interior trend to know

Vogue Living talks to interior designer Christine Gachot about the latest palette taking over our kitchen spaces.

Some towers grab height; this one earns it.

Justin Davidson, New York Magazine

One of the most sensitively detailed and spectacularly expressive additions to the New York (not just Brooklyn) skyline since the Seagram building.

Justin Davidson, New York Magazine


The Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York City

Brooding, elegant, and badass.

Architect’s Newspaper

This design is interesting, exciting and respectful in the way that it tips its hat to the primacy of the landmark.

Meenakshi Srinivasan, former chair and commissioner of the Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York (LPC)

Enlightened urbanism at its best.

Frederick Bland, quoted in The New York Times

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Downtown Brooklyn is the third-largest central business in New York City and home to a robust technology and innovation sector, vibrant shopping and is proximity to more than 100 arts and cultural institutions in the Brooklyn Cultural District

Exclusive Look Inside Brooklyn’s Tallest Skyscraper

"Living this high off of the ground is pretty transformative. It feels like you’re in another universe, but you’re still so connected to New York because you’re overlooking all of it." Brittany Hart of Husband Wife

The Brooklyn Tower Apartment Interiors Revealed

“We were inspired by the tower’s timeless glamour and melodic dance with the historic Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn.” Gachot Studios

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