Brooklyn’s Own. The tower's confident design and monumental scale reflect the dynamic spirit of the borough.

An icon rises

Designed by the award-winning SHoP Architects, the Tower is a multi-faceted building, rich in materiality, its shimmering bronzes, marble whites and deep blacks at once dramatic and playful. The cascading setbacks and soaring columns take inspiration from the beautiful Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn, lifting that historic building’s hexagonal form to pierce the sky in a dazzling new way.

The Brooklyn Tower is a monumental achievement. A testament to the power of history, to the beauty of geometry and the art of the possible.

The Brooklyn Tower is an inspired response to a unique site in the center of the borough’s commercial district, occupying a triangular block facing Albee Square and bound by DeKalb Avenue, Flatbush Avenue Extension and Fleet Street. The influence of the landmarked Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn can be seen in both the silhouette, geometries, and materiality of the Tower.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York City



The Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn moves into its new headquarters at 9 DeKalb Avenue, an architectural tour de force designed by Mowbray & Uffinger.


The bank is extensively modified and enlarged by Halsey, McCormack and Helmer, architects of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower.


The exterior and interior banking hall are designated as landmarks by the Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York.


The building is decommissioned as a working bank.


The landmark is meticulously restored as a new flagship retail destination.

Where heritage and modernity meet

Given its sheer scale, the attention to detail here is breathtaking. The abstract fluting of the Tower, in cylindrical, quarter-round and triangular forms, presents beguiling, fresh aspects of the building when viewed from different vantage points.

The hexagonal footprint of the original Bank building, created around Brooklyn’s native geometrical grid, informs the Tower in a series of interlocking hexagonal plates.

The sense of sanctuary is clear the moment residents enter through one of the two residential entrances. Here, the entry from Flatbush Avenue Extension creates a sense of hush after the energy of the city.

From Fleet Street, newly landscaped with green foliage and mature trees, the welcome is heightened by the drama of walking through the Ionic colonnade of the original Bank building.

The Brooklyn Tower will offer over 100,000 square feet of premium retail at its base on the corner of Fleet Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension.

Bold new horizons

The setbacks, delightfully echoing the storied skyscraping and cloudbusting buildings across the river, tie the Tower in both time and space: this is a building that stands for Brooklyn, now and in the centuries to come.

New York Magazine

"An assortment of dramatic flourishes — the chiaroscuro of blackened metal and brazen glints, the Batman-ready ledges, the syncopated rhythms of windows — add up to a new kind of Gotham gothic."